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From: Lucas Albers (admin_at_cs.montana.edu)
Date: Thu 25 Mar 2004 - 22:22:12 GMT

When trying to stop a vserver instance I get the following error:
"Can't set the new security context"

see complete error here:
vserver web2 stop;
Stopping the virtual server web2
Server web2 is running
ipv4root is now
: Invalid argument
sleeping 5 seconds
Killing all processes
2.4.25 kernel with vs 1.26
vserver 0.29-2
I used debian newvserver to create the vserver instance.
It starts fine, but does not want to stop.

I ran herbert's test script
and it indicates failure on test number 201.

Test Output:
Linux-VServer Test [V0.07] (C) 2003-2004 H.Poetzl
chcontext is working.
chbind is working.
Linux 2.4.25-vs1.26-grsec18 i686/0.29/0.29 [J]

[001]# succeeded.
[011]# succeeded.
[031]# succeeded.
[101]# succeeded.
[102]# succeeded.
[201]# failed.
[202]# succeeded.

The verbose failure is: [201]# chcontext --ctx 100 --flag fakeinit grep 'initpid: 0' /proc/self/status [201]# failed.

I thought at first it was because I had include the vserver+grsec patch, so I recompiled a new kernel without any grsecurity options, and it still had the same error.

I read through the archives and could not find any more information about this particular error. -- Luke Computer Science System Administrator Security Administrator,College of Engineering Montana State University-Bozeman,Montana

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