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From: Roderick A. Anderson (raanders_at_acm.org)
Date: Mon 01 Mar 2004 - 19:00:27 GMT

I've run into the same problem that I have mentioned before with smb
mounts causing the system to lock up. I can't prove this yet but it is
the only commonality between the different systems having problems. It is
an old vserver kernel (2.4.20-ctx17) but attempts to upgrade to a newer
kernel are progressing slowly since I only have production systems to test
on. (Customers and the office get a little peaved when things go down
  But moving right along I've been trying to get smbmount to work from
inside a vserver. Currently I smbmount the the share from the main server
call 'vserver XX exec somecommand' which run for around 20-30 minutes then
unmount it. I'd like to do the same from inside a vserver so I can see if
it really is the smb mount that is causing the problem and hopefully not
crash the system.
   In a previous message the capability CAP_SYS_MOUNT is mentioned but
when I try to use it I get an error that it is an unrecognized value. Is
it this too new or different for this kernel?

I keep trying to figure out that chat thingy so I can ask interactively
but it just evades me. Do you suppose I am too old of a dog for these new


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