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From: Gebhardt Thomas (gebhardt_at_hrz.Uni-Marburg.DE)
Date: Mon 01 Mar 2004 - 09:18:05 GMT

On Friday 27 February 2004 16:28, Herbert Poetzl wrote:


> > 3: eth1: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP> mtu 1500 qdisc pfifo_fast qlen 1000
> > link/ether 00:07:e9:06:bb:08 brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff
> > inet xxx.yyy.z.14/25 brd xxx.yyy.z.127 scope global eth1
> > inet xxx.yyy.z.35/25 brd xxx.yyy.z.127 scope global eth1:mainmx
> > inet xxx.yyy.z.34/25 brd xxx.yyy.z.127 scope global secondary
> > eth1:smtp-staf
> a normal vserver setup should not look like this ...
> it should be more like this:
> inet xxx.yy.zz.226/27 brd xxx.yy.zz.255 scope global eth1
> inet xxx.yy.zz.230/27 brd xxx.yy.zz.255 scope global secondary
> eth1:XXXX inet xxx.yy.zz.231/27 brd xxx.yy.zz.255 scope global secondary
> eth1:YYYY inet xxx.yy.zz.232/27 brd xxx.yy.zz.255 scope global secondary
> eth1:ZZZZ

thanks for your answer! Now I can guess, what's going on. We are running
two ip subnets within one ethernet VLAN: an internal, administrative subnet
which is not routed, and a routed subnet for public services. The ip address
of the master is in the administrative subnet, the vservers have public ip
addresses. Obviously the first vserver in the public ip subnet does not get
a secondary alias interface and all other vserver interfaces get down when
that specific first vserver is stopped.

So the problem cooks down to figure out how to make all vserver interfaces
secondary. I've to admit that I don't exactly know what's a "secondary"
alias interface (linux/Documentation/networking/alias.txt doesn't mention it
and ifconfig doesn't show that flag). Do you know some source of information
apart from the kernel source?

Thanks for your help!

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