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From: Alex Lyashkov (umka_at_sevinter.net)
Date: Fri 27 Feb 2004 - 10:42:07 GMT

, 27.02.2004, 11:54, Thomas Gelf :
> Hi Alex,
> I've had a look at freevps (just downloaded the source, didn't try it
> out). vifconfig seems to be a very cool thing, do you consider it
> possible to adapt somthing like that to the linux-vserver project?
What is adapt to the linux-vsever project ? porting ?
For it need port all my network patches and change some structure linux
vserver core. If Herbert do it....

> I believe that creating freevps was a great work, but I prefer the
> vserver project for the following reasons:
> - I'll not go to use a redhad-like 2.4.18-x kernel on my debian servers,
> I prefer patches to the latest stable kernel, I'm using 2.4.25 at the
> moment and I'll switch to v2.6 as soon as possible, at the moment I'm
> missig support for ctx-based disklimits in kernel v2.6
2.4.18-27 more 2.5/2.6 when 2.4. It`s kernel based on -ac patchset.
Whis many fixes and additions.
Next release be based on RH AS -9.0.1 kernel at current do adapt new
memory accounting to his mm subsystem.

> - linux-vserver is a community project and this community seems to be
> very active!
I see at last time community only finding Herberts errors :-\

> In my opinion the best way for both projects would be to merge now, as
> both projects are undergoing deep changes for kernel v2.6 (has been
> discussed earlier on this list):
> - find a common solution for the networking stuff, I prefer the FreeVPS
> way
> - find a common way for handling ctx-based disk/memory-limits and quotas
> - ...

> Am Fre, den 27.02.2004 schrieb Alex Lyashkov um 09:11:
> > , 27.02.2004, 10:03, Thomas Gelf :
> > > is it possible to realize this?
> > > how much work would it be?
> > >
> > > the first part (tun/tap interface == virtual eth0 inside the vserver,
> > > bridge them to real eth0, allow CAP_NET_ADMIN for the visible interfaces
> > > only) should be no problem, what about per-context routing/firewalling?
> > >
> > VServer not have it.

Alex Lyashkov <umka_at_sevinter.net>
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