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From: Paul Sladen (vserver_at_paul.sladen.org)
Date: Thu 26 Feb 2004 - 13:58:05 GMT

On Thu, 26 Feb 2004, Herbert Poetzl wrote:
> - the current interface is in stable and will remain
> there ...

Herbert. Please either:
  * Fix this interface so people want to use it. [1]
  * Remove this interface completely.

[1] Both myself and Mark have now provided you with [slightly different]
patches accomplishing the first option.

> so let me make this clear, I appreciate your work and effords, I just
> don't want to change the interface the third time,

It works perfectly in the first place. If you have made two changes and
have to make a third to revert it, then all three of those are your fault.

As you say, nobody is using this because you've broken it, so fixing it
isn't going to inconvenience anyone.

> after we agreed on that particular interface, without any good reason

If this is the three hours I spent talking to you on IRC about it, then that
is certainly not what was agreed...

> > I'll revert to the current kernel interface and put
> > up a page on the Wiki for those interested.

Mark; I would prefer that you didn't. It's a excessive waste of your time
and others, and is just going to cause headaches for anyone using it.


Why do I waste my time?  London, GB

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