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From: Matt Ayres (matta_at_tektonic.net)
Date: Thu 26 Feb 2004 - 08:13:15 GMT


Based on my hosting experience, listed below are the "show stopper"
features required for hosting companies to offer Virtual Private Servers
to customers.

1) Memory limits - Minimum (Guaranteed), Soft (RSS), Hard (VM). Provide
these limits to each VServer in /proc/meminfo if enabled.

(Hard limits are already complete, soft would be easy to do in 2.6 and
have been previously using the rmap patch, early patches are available
for the fakemem which could possibly be ported in a few minutes)

2) CPU QoS - Better way to provide customers what they purchase in
regards to CPU time

(This is complete is known as the TBF scheduler)

3) Context Quotas and Context Disk Limits

(Both of these are complete)

4) reboot(2) functionality
5) Virtual Network Stack
        - Virtual ethernet support (ie. eth0, eth0:0 inside vserver)
        - Ability to change hostname
        - Manage iptables
        - Manage routing tables (effect, not required)

(hostname changing completed)

6) Sub-capabilities - More specifically named needs to be able to run
without specifying the --disable-linux-caps configure option.

(discussed, no real work)

Wanted, but not required features:

1) Virtualized /proc/mounts

(Completed as part of virtual name space)

2) Virtualized load average
3) Virtualized CPU usage
4) CFQ I/O scheduler adapted to per-VServer limits

(Might not even be worth it as it might work as intended by default)

FreeBSD vimage: http://www.tel.fer.hr/zec/papers/zec-03.pdf
Xen Virtual Machine:

Please feel free to comment, the point of this e-mail is to sort the


Matt Ayres <matta_at_tektonic.net>

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