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From: Herbert Poetzl (herbert_at_13thfloor.at)
Date: Sun 22 Feb 2004 - 17:27:54 GMT

Hi Folks!

some people asked me about the 'advanced' features
FreeVPS provides over the Linux-Vserver patches ...

so here is the 'list' provided at the FreeVPS site
and my comments/questions to that ...

> FreeVPS extends the original Linux VServer functionality.
> FreeVPS implementation include FreeVPS kernel patch and FreeVPS
> tools. Together they add the following new features to VPS:

> * Limits on:
> - total memory usage
> - resident memory size

in Linux-VServer, VM is accounted and enforced, RSS only accounted,
I don't know what 'total memory usage' means ...

> - number of processes

is accounted and enforced, as all limits, can be changed at runtime

> - disk usage quota

this is handled by the Quota Disk Limit (included in the quota patch)

> - file handles
> - tcp sockets

both are not accounted yet, and not limited.

> * Advanced context management:
> - create/destroy a context
> - enter a context

well, that is basic functionality ...

> - running status

vserver-stat and /proc/virtual provide this ...

> - enable/disable creating new processes in a context
> - send signal to all processes in context

this is done with the vkill command (via syscall since 1.1.6)

> * inodes attributes management:
> - context tag

xid tagging is used by Quota Disk Limits and Per Context Quota
and it comes in 3 flavours (UID32/GID16, UID24/GID24 and UID32/GID32)

> - flag for files shared between contexts

don't know what this is, but might be the IUNLINK flag

> - immutable flag

well if that is what it says, then it's basic linux stuff


so after this shoot out ;) the following differences seem to remain:

> * Limits on: > - resident memory size > - file handles > - tcp sockets

> * Advanced context management: > - enable/disable creating new processes in a context

and I don't know the FreeVPS status of the following Linux-VServer features:

- vroot device (security) - Token Bucket scheduler stuff (Sam) - uts_name modifications (stealth) - procfs security - uptime virtualization - reboot userspace helper

best, Herbert

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