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From: Viorel Anghel (vang_at_lug.ro)
Date: Thu 12 Feb 2004 - 10:17:12 GMT

My first post here and i would like to thank to all the developers for
their terrific work.

Now, my problem. Short story: kernel 2.4.24, vserver 1.26 (no other
patches). bind9 with nocapset (Paul Sladen's debian packages), running
inside a vserver. doesn't answer to udp requests, but works with tcp

short question: does anyone using bind9 inside vserver with recent series of
patches (it worked for me with old Jacques Gélinas's ctx patches).

long story (aka bugreport).
- debian, kernel 2.4.24-vs1.26

- bind packages
bind9 9.2.1-2.woody.1.nocapset
bind9-host 9.2.1-2.woody.1.nocapset
dnsutils 9.2.1-2.woody.1.nocapset
libbind-dev 9.2.1-2.woody.1.nocapset
libdns5 9.2.1-2.woody.1.nocapset
libisc4 9.2.1-2.woody.1.nocapset
libisccc0 9.2.1-2.woody.1.nocapset
libisccfg0 9.2.1-2.woody.1.nocapset
liblwres1 9.2.1-2.woody.1.nocapset

- bind9 is running ans listening on port 53 both udp and tcp (checked with

- bind9 is answering to tcp requests (tested with 'host -T' and
netcat, both from local and remote)

- on udp requests it just hangs (tested with 'host ' command and netcat -u)

- other daemons on udp works (tested with netcat -l -u)

- tcpdump -n -i eth0:VSERVER src or dst port 53
* 'host localhost' name server request
tcpdump for port 53, normal name server request gives something like
11:58:25.623806 SRC_IP.35401 > DEST_IP.53: 52567+ A? localhost.TLD. (43) (DF)

(repeated twice, after which, i get
";; connection timed out; no servers could be reached")

* 'host -T localhost' name server (tcp) request
a full page of tcp dumped conversation, after i get the normal response

One solution, suggested last night by Herbert on irc, would be to try a
development release. Maybe i'll do it, in the meanwhile, do you have any
other ideeas or success stories with bind9 inside vserver?

       <o-o>    Viorel ANGHEL <vang @ lug.ro>
       -"-"-    In Linux We Trust.

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