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From: Mark Lawrence (nomad_at_null.net)
Date: Tue 10 Feb 2004 - 01:30:51 GMT

Hi all,

This is mostly for Herbert, Enrico and those who like to live on the edge.
There has been a functionality in the vserver patch for some time, to
allow the kernel to call a program when a process in a context (other than
context zero or one) calls reboot(2).

The program called by the kernel does for the virtual server what would
appear to be the 'hardware' functions of halting or rebooting.

This is already handled somewhat inelegantly by the rebootmgr daemon.
Rebootmgr creates sockets in each vserver, and listens to requests from
specially installed reboot/halt commands in the virtual servers.

The advantage of vshelper is that it is light-weight (only runs when
vservers want to reboot), and means that the original distribution
reboot/halt utilities can be used transparently as if you were running on

I have written an alpha-quality (untested) version of the vshelper script
(and accompanying manpage) which I would like to invite discussion on. It
does not actually do anything at the moment because it requires the
vserver(8) script to be patched with a new "kill" command.

However I would like to see it replace the rebootmgr daemon in future
releases and would seek your feedback on what it needs to do so.

http://rekudos.net/download/vshelper # script
http://rekudos.net/download/vshelper.8 # manpage

Cheers, Mark.

Mark Lawrence

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