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From: Macha, Frank (frank.macha_at_atosorigin.com)
Date: Mon 09 Feb 2004 - 18:03:42 GMT

Greetings Community!

Been familiarizing myself with the vserver suite of tools for the last
couple of weeks...big thanks to Herbert and all for producing/maintaining
this really cool util!!!
 I am going to bug the community at large and see if anyone has a better
'howto' available to help newbies and also as a reference for everyone

In particular:

 - Patches: Which patches, and what does the patch do? I know we have the
vs1.26 patch avail. as a requisite. Ok, How about the addon patches, and
what their purpose in life are? Again, this would be to a newbie to
understand what is available and what is the capabilities of the patches...
 - Tools: Which tools, and what does the tool do? There is the vserver-0.29
tool which seems to work, there is the util-vserver tool which also seems to
work... what about the other misc. tools, vroot, cq-tools, vproc,vkill
etc... how do these work, why should I use them, when should I use them.....
again, for a newbiew to understand what is available to use and muck with...

 - 'Install Guide': Yes i know.. its in work in progress at the time. There
is one which i have followed, but it left to be desired... also, does not
cover the above (patches/tools needed and purpose in life for each)

 - Misc topics: Which filesystem vs. why (of course, user preference is the
way to go, but recommendations would be nice)? Networking... use ethX
devices (ip aliasing), or dummyX devices (internal 'vlan') etc ....

I know Herbert is busy with a number of things (keeping up on the vs1.2x
stable release and getting ready to rollout vs1.4..etc etc)... Thus I'm
asking the community at large... is there anyone working on this? I will
volunteer to work on this or help anyone that is working on this.... can you
guys help in answering some of the above questions, and or provide
more/better info.... maybe the end goal is to have a some good references as
to what is available, why you might want to use it, how to use, etc etc


Eloy F. (Frank) Macha
Midrange Systems Analyst
AtosOrigin Inc.

Work: +1.817.264.8465
Cell: +1.972.814.4979
Fax: +1.817.264.8579
email: frank.macha_at_atosorigin.com
url: http://www.atosorigin.com

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