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From: Kern Wolfgang (vserver_at_wwip.de)
Date: Mon 09 Feb 2004 - 12:15:52 GMT

Hi vServer Team,

i have downloaded and compiled this expl. too and with 1.26 (Kernel 2.4.24)
the expl. seems still to work :(

i have try this both ways:

chmod 000 /vservers
chattr +t /vservers

and with

chmod +t /vservers

but this expl. Is still working, the only different between chattr and chmod
is one little line of error like this:

root_at_VM1:~# ./chroot_exp
cd ..: Permission denied
Exploit seems to work. =)

But for now i can see full host strukture... the very bad thing is, i can
modify and delete any file from the host, seems like full root rights. The
mystic way, i have to "exit" two times for a normaly host view, like this:

root_at_VM1:/# exit
root_at_VM1:~# exit

At first "exit" the system is in the last folder from i started the expl.
With the second "exit" the system is right now in host system. With SSH on
the expl. V-child i have no access to host system if i try this over ssh on
a v-child it works like vserver NAME enter. One thing i don't understand for
right now... after execute the exploit the right are set to:

Owner: root
Group: root

If i set all back with chattr and chmod the rights set to:

Owner: root
Group: sys

I hope, i have not repeated this problem the 1000000x...

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