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From: Enrico Scholz (enrico.scholz_at_informatik.tu-chemnitz.de)
Date: Sun 01 Feb 2004 - 19:53:00 GMT

james_at_exactauctions.com ("James Noble") writes:

> Hello, trying vserver 1.3.6 on fedora, mostly went well, however,
> after running newvserver, (all looked like it worked) i tried:

Strange... you are using the alpha branch which should not have
'newvserver' anymore...

FYI, when you have a broadband internet access (or build your own mirror),
you can configure /etc/vservers/.distributions/fc1/apt/sources.list to
point to your next mirror, install apt and build the vserver with

| # vserver test build -m apt-rpm <other options>* -- -d fc1

See 'vserver X build --help' output for more information.

> [root_at_host vservers]# vserver vps01 enter
> Can not find vserver-setup

Which paths do you gave to ./configure? Important would be '--sysconfdir'
in this case.

Issues can be debugged with

| # sh -x `which vserver` vps01 enter

> [root_at_host vservers]# vserver-stat
> open(): No such file or directory

Probably, your proc-entries are hidden. Use the 'setattr' tool and
experiment with the '--hide' and '--watch' flags on /proc/uptime there.

vserver-stat in util-vserver 0.28.190 is more strace-friendly so that
you can do

| # chcontext --ctx 1 strace vserver-stat

there and see what happens.

>From your other mail:
> here is the output for the ./configure in the tools dir:
> the line that makes me wonder is " checking for vserver... no "

This is a check whether glibc has the vserver() function. It is very
unlikely that you get a 'yes' here...

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