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From: Herbert Poetzl (herbert_at_13thfloor.at)
Date: Mon 12 Jan 2004 - 06:10:41 GMT

Hello Community!

hopefully the final bugfix release of the second
linux-vserver stable release (1.23) is now
available at


you can download an all-in-one patch for 2.4.24
as well as tar archives of the splitup ...
(patches for older kernels available on request)

this release fixes another locking issue, this
time within the /proc filesystem, and adds a very
important security interface, to protect entries
against unwanted access.

older tools (especially tools for 1.22) should
work but util-vserver-0.26 or later is recommended.

new proc security feature:

by using the vproc tool (provided in vproc-0.1.tar)
it is now possible to limit the visibility of proc
entries to either the host, the special context one,
or both, according to your preference.

note: by default all proc entries are visible and
therefore accessible via read and write on all
contexts, only restricted by the linux capability
system, which is equivalent to the setup in all
earlier versions.

(using the entry meminfo as example)

 vproc /proc/meminfo (shows current visibility)
 vproc -d /proc/meminfo (hide in user context)
 vproc -D /proc/meminfo (hide in any context)
 vproc -E /proc/meminfo (show only in ctx one)
 vproc -e /proc/meminfo (default: visible)

please make sure to disable dangerous entries
which are not required in a vserver anyway, like
hardware interfaces (ide,bus,pci,scsi) or kernel
interfaces (kmem,iomem,ioports,sys,...)

note: symbolic links and dynamically generated
entries like /proc/<pid> can not be masked by this
interface yet ...


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