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From: Matt Ayres (matta_at_tektonic.net)
Date: Tue 30 Sep 2003 - 19:32:43 BST

Hi Herbert!

I would just like to say that I am 100% behind you on this. A change
had to be made and this was a good choice. I hope to see a much better
structured and organized vserver project in the future.


Matt Ayres

On Tue, 2003-09-30 at 12:35, Herbert Poetzl wrote: > Dear VServer Community! > > In reaction to several requests on the IRC channel and > some emails, I am willing to 'officially' take over the > VServer project, with the 1st of November, if, and only > if, I don't receive any objection until this date. > > This is no hostile take over, and when Jacques returns > (I'm still in hope he does) I will not refuse to transfer > the leadership for this project. > > I would like to improve the vserver development and user > interaction in several ways, but I WILL need YOUR help. > > Here is a list of ideas/plans in no particular order, > and I would be glad to receive your comments: > > a) Setup a new mailing list, (probably mailman) with > automated archive, spam filter and lower latency. > > b) Provide an one-stop web location, by creating a > static copy of Jacques web pages to preserve this > information, and integrate them and other pages > into the 'all-new' structured 13thfloor web pages > (which will be available soon ;) > > c) Provide a 'stable' vserver release for every kernel > release (2.4 and as soon as available for 2.6 too) > > d) Setup a VServer User Wiki including a 'central' > storage for addons, patches, tools, etc > > e) Setup a (nightly) build/test system, which builds > and test all useful combinations of patches, and > generates 'all-in-one' patches for several kernel > versions. > > f) Put all vserver related tools and patches into a > distributed revision control system (probably arch) > to allow easy maintainance of different branches. > > What help would be needed/appreciated? > > 1) somebody configuring and maintaining the mailing list > 2) somebody providing the enormous disk space required to > do automated kernel building and testing (more details > on that in a later posting) > 3) somebody moderating the user wiki (creating major > categories, checking links, etc..) (I can provide the > wiki as the engine seems to work for the Linux2.6 one) > > thanks in advance, > Herbert

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