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From: Herbert Poetzl (herbert_at_13thfloor.at)
Date: Sat 13 Sep 2003 - 13:40:39 BST

On Fri, Sep 12, 2003 at 10:30:33AM +0200, debby_at_aachenconsulting.de wrote:
> Hi,
> A collegue of mine put up the following question, is it possible to use two (or
> more) DSL Connections at once with one PC? IN short this boils down to the
> question if it is possible to simulate an internet in one PC.
> The idea is as follows, one host that has two network cards (eth0, eth1) with
> fixed IP numbers and a vserver. The vserver accesses the host via a gateway IP
> number that allows the vserver only to access the host.
> When a request for a data packet is made from the vserver, the request is
> processed by the host and it inturn sends off the request into the WWW on both
> netwoks cards (DSL connections) simultaniously. Answers may come back both ways
> and are processed and send on to the vserver. - The host somehow acts like an
> ISP with multiple lines to send requests back and forth.
> Does this work in practice?

you got some replies explaining how and why-not you
can do thrunking with linux/vservers, but it is not
clear to me if it is the scenario you describe ...

if you want to have two vservers on one host with
two separate connections to the internet, you can do
that with the iproute2 package easily ...


> Is it possible to simulate the WWW / IN in small - a PC bekomming an Access
> Concentrator?
> Thanks,
> Deb

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