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From: Alex Lyashkov (shadow_at_psoft.net)
Date: Wed 03 Sep 2003 - 16:59:59 BST

Hello Matthew
> Iím installing a new vserver and itís on a computer that has special
> hardware and often times special jobs. Iím using RedHat 8 as my host and
> Ií ve used Alexey Lyashkovís script for building a redhat kernel rpm.
> At first, things were really not workingÖ then I realized I hadnít rebooted
> with the new kernel. ;-) So, the things worked better after that. I was
> able to build a new vserver ok, but now I canít start it. When I try, I
> get this error:
> Server testserver is not running
> Can't set the ipv4 root (Bad address)
hm. i think you use old version vserver script and tools. please install

> I checked dmesg and found this message in the boot log:
> s_context_status_write: can't open file .vservers
if this message found once - please ignore. i know about it but it not

> Hereís what Iíve installed:
> vserver-admin-0.22-1
> kernel-2.4.18-27.7.vserver
> vserver-0.22-1
> linuxconf-1.31-1.i386.rpm
> linuxconf-gui-1.31-1.i386.rpm
> linuxconf-lib-1.31-1.i386.rpm
> linuxconf-util-1.31-1.i386.rpm
> linuxconf-X-1.31-1.i386.rpm
> gnome-linuxconf-0.65-1.i386.rpm
you install vserver2-tools ? what answer "whereis vifconfig" ?

> Iíve recompiled the src rpm for the vserver tools so that it should match
> whatís on my system. When I do
> chbind --ip sleep 1
> I get:
> Can't set the ipv4 root (Bad address)
it`s not compatible with my patch. please use vifconfig for managment virtual

> Iím not sure what this meansÖ Any help is greatly appreciated. By the way,
> I have several other vserverís running fineÖ This is the only one Iíve done
> using the ďrebuilding a redhat kernelĒ process. (which Iím doing to ease
> the process of installing other software)
Eh.. my patch not full compatible with original vserver - i wite about it many
times. Some utimites can be not working - chbind as example.

With best regards,

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