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From: Klavs Klavsen (klavs_at_EnableIT.dk)
Date: Thu 31 Oct 2002 - 12:49:48 GMT

Thank you Georges !

I now have my own Gentoo vserver too.. (and a rh80, and a rh73 :-)

I only have one annoying problem I haven't figured out.

I've cleaned out the runlevels boot and default for all crap not suppose
to be run including serial and other stuff.. actually there's almost
nothing left.

I have only problem though. I can enter vserver just fine, but if I run
vserver gentoo-vserver start

it fails with a message about /etc/rc.d/rc not found..

Any clues?

Thank you.

On Thu, 2002-10-24 at 15:50, Georges Toth wrote:
> create the vserver:
> $> mkdir /vservers/test
> $> cd /vservers/test
> $> cp -ax /sbin /bin /etc /usr /var /dev /lib .
> $> mkdir home root proc tmp mnt
> $> chmod 1777 tmp
> $> cp -drR /mnt/.init.d /vservers/test/mnt
> the last step only works if your host server is a gentoo system....
> (i have no idea where the files which are located in the /mnt/.init.d folder,
> "actually" are....-> it's a mounted folder...)
> now delete some services from the /mnt/.init.d/started folder (after entering
> the vserver).... i.e sysklogd, sshd, proftpd, dcron, etc...
> (else gentoo won't let you start them....)
> i.e.:
> $> rm /mnt/.init.d/started/sshd
> $> /etc/init.d/sshd start
> --> after entering the vserver you need to start sysklogd and dcron...
> (or whatever progs you use)
> that's already it..... a quick (/dirty) set of instr. on how to get a gentoo
> vserver to run correctly. ( i haven't had any time so far to modify or
> rewrite the init scripts for the vserver, so.... ;-) ... )
> --
> regards,
> Georges Toth

Klavs Klavsen

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