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From: Burak (burak_at_duslersokagi.com)
Date: Sun 27 Oct 2002 - 20:46:13 GMT

actually my real problem is not binding the ip adress, the main problem is,
i can not connect anywhere except the main ip adress for the vserver.

IRCd programs can not bind ip address for the connect, however the programs
can bind ip address to accept connection. could you search thoroughly for
that problem?

> On Sat, 26 Oct 2002, Burak wrote:
> > i have set s_caps as S_CAPS="CAP_SYS_RESOURCE"
> The `CAP_SYS_RESOURCE' allows root processes within a vserver to raise
> own allocated ulimit resources (eg. allowed core size, open file handles).
> Applications running in a vserver have access to all addresses available
> the vserver and the above capability is not relevant.
> > and enter the my vserver. Then i installed an eggdrop bot for irc, but
> > can not use the ip adress except the main ip. what should i do to use
> > ip address.?
> Applications within a vserver binding to address `' will only be
> bound to the primary address of the vserver. The program will have its
> application-specific way of making the daemon listen, or use alternative
> addresses (eg. SSHd has a `ListenAddress' statement, Apache has a
> *I DO NOT BELIEVE* the use of multiple IP addresses, simply to gain vanity
> IRC `reverse lookups' is a good, or effective, use of IPv4 address space.
> If you really want to waste resources in this way, could you at least
> to use IPv6!
> -Paul
> --
> Nottingham, GB

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