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From: tedsuo (virtualxyz_at_hotmail.com)
Date: Fri 25 Oct 2002 - 04:07:28 BST


How do you expect to do that *simply*, i mean it look quite difficult to
play in that.
About the virtual filesystem layer where it is, you can send us a short text
the way you think it should be done and we will try in the laboratory..

if everybody get together to work on quota, maybe we will get quota up in
the next vserver version...

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From: "Herbert Poetzl" <herbert_at_13thfloor.at>
To: <vserver_at_solucorp.qc.ca>
Sent: Thursday, October 24, 2002 4:11 PM
Subject: Re: [vserver] Quotas

> On Thu, Oct 24, 2002 at 12:36:27PM -0700, Michael Stowe wrote:
> > Can any one elaborate on the explantation of implimenting qutoas in a
> > vserver? The documetation gives only a hint of a concept, but no info
> > on if it's been done.
> ------- some time ago, I wrote
> I read the documentation, suggesting to
> combine context and 16bit user id to 32bit uid
> to make quota possible ...
> After some DEEP look into the kernel sources,
> I think (please correct me if I am wrong) that
> it should be possible to add a third kind of
> quota (context quota) which limits the space
> available to an entire context ...
> my suggestion is to make the following uid
> mapping in/near the virtual filesystem layer:
> Process [context/16,uid/16] <--> Filesystem [uid/32]
> 32bit uid support is in linux 2.4.x for almost
> all file systems since 2.4.12 or so.
> -------
> unfortunately I did not find the time to make
> those modifications, although it seems quite
> simple ...
> best,
> Herbert

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