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From: Cedric Veilleux (cedric_at_neopeak.com)
Date: Wed 09 Oct 2002 - 06:58:40 BST

I am running gcc 3.2. I made the change in vutil.h which fixed the problem
but another one seems to have popped up for me. Here's the full output.

cedric_at_blackfish vserver-0.20 $ make
gcc -funsigned-char -Wall -g -O3 -DVERSION=\"0.20\" chbind.cc syscall.o -o
d \
gcc -funsigned-char -Wall -g -O3 -DVERSION=\"0.20\" chcontext.cc syscall.o -o
context \
gcc -funsigned-char -Wall -g -O3 -DVERSION=\"0.20\" reducecap.cc syscall.o -o
ducecap \
gcc -funsigned-char -Wall -g -O3 -DVERSION=\"0.20\" rebootmgr.cc -o rebootmgr
gcc -funsigned-char -Wall -g -O3 -DVERSION=\"0.20\" vreboot.cc -o vreboot \
gcc -funsigned-char -funsigned-char -Wall -g -O3 -DVERSION=\"0.20\"
-o readlink \
g++ -c -o vutil.o vutil.cc
gcc -funsigned-char -Wall -g -O3 -DVERSION=\"0.20\" vunify.cc vutil.o -o
vunify.cc: In member function `bool printer<T>::operator()(T) [with T =
/usr/include/g++-v32/bits/stl_algo.h:157: instantiated from `_Function
r_each(_InputIter, _InputIter, _Function) [with _InputIter =
<std::string, std::string&, std::string*>, _Function = printer<std::string>]'
vunify.cc:378: instantiated from here
vunify.cc:167: warning: no return statement in function returning non-void
gcc -funsigned-char -Wall -g -O3 -DVERSION=\"0.20\" vbuild.cc vutil.o -o
gcc -funsigned-char -Wall -g -O3 -DVERSION=\"0.20\" vserver-stat.c syscall.o
gcc -funsigned-char -Wall -g -O3 -DVERSION=\"0.20\" showattr.cc -o showattr \
gcc -funsigned-char -Wall -g -O3 -DVERSION=\"0.20\" vdu.cc -o vdu \
vdu.cc:10: parse error before `&' token
vdu.cc: In function `int vdu_onedir(...)':
vdu.cc:13: `path' undeclared (first use this function)
vdu.cc:13: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function
   it appears in.)
vdu.cc:50: `size' undeclared (first use this function)
vdu.cc: In function `int main(int, char**)':
vdu.cc:70: `string' undeclared (first use this function)
make: *** [vdu] Error 1

Thank you,


On October 9, 2002 12:34 am, you wrote:
> On Tue, 8 Oct 2002 17:31:37 -0500, Georges Toth wrote
> > hi,
> >
> > since i'm using a gcc3.2 based linux distro, i'm no longer able to
> > compile the vserver sources.....get some strange errors...
> > but the kernel compiled without any probs.
> In vutil.h, add after the #include chunk
> using namespace std;
> This fixes the compilation issue. Another bug shows on rh8. I change the
> -O3 to -O and then some utilities starts to compile properly. Very odd...
> I will release a new vserver package this week.
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> Jacques Gelinas <jack_at_solucorp.qc.ca>
> vserver: run general purpose virtual servers on one box, full speed!
> http://www.solucorp.qc.ca/miscprj/s_context.hc

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