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From: Sam Vilain (sv_at_easyspace.com)
Date: Thu 03 Oct 2002 - 01:50:56 BST

Hi all,

Just to announce that Easyspace now offers Debian based virtual
dedicated servers using vserver. See http://www.EasyVserver.com/

Key features:
              unmetered, tier 1 network bandwidth, own partitions,
              optional disk mirroring, LVM network access,
              user-configurable port filtering/firewalling, Debian,
              fair and impartial Terms and Conditions.

Key disadvantages:

              Easyspace have just discarded a key developer (me) who
              knew a lot about how to gracefully manage the damned
              things and how everything fits together. I have had my
              brushes rudely stolen from my hands and as such, some
              planned features such as easy DNS setup, quota support
              and so on are not quite finished.

But when it comes down to it, they don't really have to do much other
than check that the machines are still on, and their data centre
provider (Verio/NTT) do most of the hard work of providing a decent
service, and their track record servicing the hardware is exceptional.
The machines are fast, high spec and have bandwidth coming out of
their ears. And hopefully, if everything goes well the guy that picks
up where I left off will be able to read my documentation and see what
I was trying to do and continue things gracefully.

If anyone needs any pointers on setting up a similar service or has
any questions about any particular problems, I'd be glad to share my
experience with them on this list. I have bit my tongue a few times
due to time restraints, particularly on issues like debian-ising the
vserver package and so on. But now of course I have time to share.

Sam Vilain was sv_at_easyspace.com       Tier 1 Debian GNU/Linux virtual
GPG: http://sam.vilain.net/sam.asc    servers with full root access
     7D74 2A09 B2D3 C30F F78E         and Mojo, baby, yeah!
     278A A425 30A9 05B5 2F13           http://www.EasyVserver.com/

"Discovery consists in seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what no one else has thought." - Albert Szent-Gyorgi -

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