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From: gt_at_hzhome.mine.nu
Date: Tue 01 Oct 2002 - 22:47:27 BST

Every once in a while there is a question about a per vserver loopback

But two things seem to be mixed up:
        1. a feature to be able to connect to within a vserver
           but not actually connecting to localhost on the *real* machine.
           Thus there could be two different processes listening on the same
           port but within different vservers.
        2. a feature to securly access the loopback device within a vserver
           but the loopback address must not necessarily be on of 127.*.*.*
           (i.e the IP dedicated to the vserver).

I personally do not need more than the 2nd option.
Up till now the only way to get this up and running is to have the
*real* machine running chbind'. So that processes like ssh do not listen
to but instead to something like
Thus you could define a firewall ruleset:

iptables -P INPUT DROP
iptables -A INPUT -i lo -s REALIP -d REALIP -j ACCEPT
iptables -A OUTPUT -o lo -s REALIP -d REALIP -j ACCEPT

Perhaps you could do some tweaking with the new multi-ip support
(haven't thought about it yet).

Letting the real machine run chbind' is not always that easy.
e.g. portmap has to be listen to (right ?) and KDE's Cop-Server
seems to have difficulties if it cannot connect to

Could another solution be to faciliate tun/tap ?
This feature is rarely documented and I don't really know if it might
help but I've seen it once used by User-Mode-Linux.

Yet another solution I thought about is to write an iptables extension,
which would match any packet that is destined to a port *listening* on
another address then the specified one.
        iptables -A INPUT -m dstportlistenip -i lo -s VSERVERIP \
        --dportlistenip ! VSERVERIP -j DROP

Once again, the dportlistenip is the IP given by netstat -ant next to
the listening port.

Could this be a solution to option no. 2 ?


Gerrit Hoetzel

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